Rick Funes has been a life-long maker.  His passion has always been design and graphics.  The interplay of simple shapes and colors, the way they play off each other and the way they affect us all, are key in everything he does.

"I've always loved making, designing, and re-imagining objects and spaces.  I was that kid whose school books contained more doodles than math problems.  I was the kid that brought home a discarded table to rework into something else.  I was the one who was never far from a tube of paint, modeling clay, a camera, a hammer, or a set of markers.  In short, if there was a tool that I could use to make something, I had it."

After attending art school in New York City, where he grew up, and receiving his degree in Graphics Arts, Rick held a variety of design jobs including designing greeting cards and magazine ads.  He later became an Art Director on Wall Street before moving to Florida, where he received his second degree and has been teaching for more than 15 years.  He is currently the Makerspace Facilitator for Gulliver Schools in Miami.

"The Maker Movement and making in general is close to my heart because it's something I believe in.  It's always been who I am."


Everyday is full of making possibilities and teaching individuals about making, learning, and having fun!  Let's make something great together! 


I'm available for speaking engagements on making and design. Please contact me.



I'm currently working on my first book on "Makerfication!" with co-founder Andres Joubert.


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I love helping schools and educators who are interested in the maker movement and implementing design based learning in their curriculum. I also love collaborating with fellow artists and makers.  


I love to collaborate on projects.  It's always fun to work with people who have different perspectives and views on art and making.  If you have a project in mind, contact me and "drop me a line."

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I'm always happy to get to know my readers and share insights and ideas. 


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