FETC - Miami

Miami, Florida - Jan. 2020

FETC was in my hometown this time.  Happy to see my colleagues and also have an opportunity to get my Collaboration/Coaching certification.

Maker Faire - Miami 2018

Miami, Florida - April, 2018

The Makerfication Team came back this year to present at the 2018 Maker Faire in Miami.  This time we added a new member and a new challenge.  Mission Transport challenged participants to maneuver their robotic rover through rough terrain on three levels!  We also added some great obstacles to make it fun!  Had a blast this year!

FETC - Orlando

Orlando, Florida - Jan. 2018

Prensented a Makerfication session and the introduction of Brand Box EDU.   Loved this conference, especially walking through and talking to the vendor reps.  So much new technology to learn about!


Miami, Florida - Nov. 2017

Shift In (previously known as Miami Device) was a great learning experiences for educators from all parts of not only the USA but the world.  I was fortunate to join many incredible speakers and presented two sessions.  Andrés and I also facilitated a Makerfication booth for anyone who wanted to make between sessions.


Orlando, Florida - Nov. 2017

Took a drive up to Orlando to present at FCIS national conference.  Session times were short so no making this time, but everyone got a sense of what making can do for students.  Thanks to all the educators and friends who stopped by!

Stanford University Makerspace Curriculum Certification

Stanford, California - Oct. 2017

I was fortunate to be one of thirty makers to attend Stanford University's Makerspace Curriculum Certification Program.  The program allowed me to get certified in makerspace curriculum writing and also exchange ideas with makers from all over the world.  The program also allowed us to tour some school maker spaces in the area and the Stanford D-School, the university's design building.


Miami, Florida - Sept. 2017

It was great being home in Miami for edcamp.  Loved hearing from educators all across South Florida about their experiences and expertise on a variety of education topics.  I was fortunate to help facilitate one of the session rooms and talk with teachers about how they implement project based learning.  I hope everyone gets to attend an edcamp conference near them.  It's democratic approach to sharing and learning among educators is a real value to professional learning.

G-Suite Orlando Learning Summit

Orlando, Florida - July 2017

Makerfication took us to Orlando on July 28th & 29th, where we presented two sessions at the Orlando Learning Summit.

Educators had a blast designing, making, and testing their Makerfication creations.  It was a great personal experience meeting so many amazing people at the two day conference. 

Columbia University Makerspace

New York City, NY - July 2017

I was fortunate to be invited to spend the day at the Colombia University Makerspace in New York City on June 6th.  The university’s makerspace was opened in 2014 to provide students and faculty members with a place to create. The student-run space provides everything from 3D printers, to sewing machines, to make an idea a reality.  The lab compliments their engineering labs, which are also located in the same building.  I had a blast talking to the students and learning about what they were currently making.  Everything from dovetailing wood pieces, to custom embroidery was happening that day.  I also learned all about their equipment and even got a great tutorial on laser cutting. A big thanks to their director Mo, and the students for making it a special day.


Austin, TX - June 2017

June started with preparing for IPADPALOOZA  and then heading over to Austin, Texas for the 4 day conference.  Met so many amazing educators who are passionate about what they do.  Ipadpalooza is much more than a conference, its a party!  Got so much great feedback on Makerfication!  The pictures say it all!

Maker Faire Miami 2017

Miami, FL. - April 2017

On April 8th and 9th, Makerfication! was apart of the first Miami Maker Faire.  It was a grueling two days of helping makers of all ages discover just how much fun Makerfication! is.  I also got to meet so many great people who love to make and saw so some truly amazing work!

The Faire was an opportunity to learn, play, and just have fun!  I was inspired in so many ways for future projects and events.  Miami has been late getting on the Maker bandwagon, but with last year's Mini Maker Faire, and this year's full Maker Faire, we are on our way.  The experience was made more memorable due to the dedication and handwork of the organizers and the overwhelming support of friends. I feel fortunate to be apart of the Making community and to have been apart of this year's celebration of making. I can't wait for next year!

Check out some of the images from the weekend and the VIDEO!

Nothing captures the excitement of people making, learning, and having fun like a video!  These are some of best scenes from the weekend!  

See ya next year Maker Faire Miami!



Ed Tech Summit

San Diego, CA - Feb. 2017

Had a great time presenting Makerfication! with fellow maker Andres Joubert at the edtech Innovation Summit this February 2017 in Beautiful San Diego.  Met so many makers at our session who shared their passion for what they do. Thank you for coming to see us!

Check out Andres' website HERE

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