My Glue Gun Is Better Than Yours!

Since their invention in the 70's for shoemakers, the glue gun has been a main tool for any maker. Today it is center stage as one of the go-to tools in any makerspace across communities and schools. It's popularity is no surprise given its versatility. After all, it can quickly provide a strong bond between two surfaces. Its delivery system, the gun, makes it precise and easy to use. Far from it's original system, that of a dipping pot, the gun is much safer and practical.

Glue guns however have their draw backs as well. Even the most expensive guns need electricity to heat up, therefore the user has to contend with the pesky cord. This might not be a huge inconvenience if using a single gun, however if you have a group make, you will soon see the problem. I once had 12 students making individual projects. I had to provide each one with their own individual gun, but had only 2 wall sockets. I managed to connect all of them but it took several extension cords and a few power strips.

So when I heard of wireless rechargeable glue guns I was all in. These glue guns use rechargeable batteries similar to those used by power tools. There are basically two types, those who use 12 volts, and those that use 18 volts. The 18 volt battery provides power to the gun much longer than the 12 volt battery however they are both a vast improvement over having a cord. Since I use Ryobi power tools with rechargeable batteries in my makerspace, I bought one that also used the same batteries they did. You can easily find both the batteries (along with the charger) and the guns on Amazon. With a price of $25.00 each, they are an investment if you're buying a class set. That doesn't include the price of the rechargeable battery or the charger. That can set you back another $100 for a set of 2 batteries and a charger. When all totaled its a definite sizable investment, but an investment that will give you many gooey returns.

Left: 2 types of batteries (large and small18 volt), and 12 volt.

Middle: Glue gun with large 18 volt battery.

Right: Boxed gun.

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