Nature, Earth Day, & Our Healthcare Heroes.

Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day 2020, a day devoted to promoting awareness of our planet. This year we are limited in what each of us can do individually to celebrate and take action. Because we have spent so much time indoors, we now realize more than ever the need for nature in our lives.

Here is a small project I created that you can assign your students that will celebrate nature, while also acknowledging the heroes on the Covid frontlines. As you know, the heart has become one of the symbols of appreciation and love for our healthcare workers who are sacrificing their lives to take care of others. The project will also give students an opportunity to safely interact with their natural surroundings because it is done on their property.

The Project:

Students will create a heart from natural materials found in their gardens or backyard. They can be creative in their choice of natural materials and how elaborate they want their designs to be. It's a great way for them to appreciate and see everyday natural materials in a new way. It's also an opportunity for them to problem solve and think critically. Finally, it's a great way to engage other family members as well.

After they have made their creation, they will take a picture and share it with you and the class. You can choose to have them present it to the virtual class and/or use it as their profile picture in Zoom, email or any of their social media platforms.

Here are a few examples I made over the weekend on my front path.

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